Addiction Recovery Acupuncture

Discover How Acupuncture Successfully Helps Patients in Minnesota Recovery Programs, Treat Drug Addiction and Chemical Dependency

acupuncture for chemical dependency and addiction can make you feel like you are on the beach for a break...very relaxing

Acupuncture can help you relax (like a day at the beach) when you are in a drug and addiction recovery program

How Acupuncture Supports Drug Treatment and Addiction Program

At Acupuncture Natural Health, our goal is to provide acupuncture services to chemical dependency and drug treatment centers throughout Minnesota. Why? Because acupuncture is an incredibly powerful addition to conventional treatment programs, and patients love it!

If you are looking for a therapy that will support drug recovery efforts, then acupuncture may be the answer to your search.

As a patient, you’ll find acupuncture helps you relax and focus on your recovery efforts. You’ll be more balanced, more present and willing to do the work you need to do to progress in your program.

For over a decade (and counting) Acupuncture Natural Health has been the leading acupuncture provider to drug treatment programs, chemical dependency programs, and rehabilitation centers in select areas of Minnesota.

We are expanding our services, and hope to have the chance to work with you soon.

Who else is using acupuncture in recovery programs? Here’s a leading organization that is doing just that…

Acupuncture in Recovery is Being Used by Leading Medical Programs

Yale School of Medicine has been using acupuncture for drug treatment and recovery programs for 10+ years, with terrific results. At Acupuncture Natural Health, we’ve seen terrific results, too, and have patients constantly inform us that this is their favorite form of therapy, to support their conventional medical programs.

Ear acupuncture is used for helping patients in drug recovery programs feel calmerKnown for its powerful calming affect on the nervous system, the “Five Needle Protocol” therapy, is most often used in drug recovery acupuncture sessions.

Five needles are placed into the ear lobe (on the outside) and within minutes, you can feel relaxation sweep over your body.

Most patients I treat, fall asleep during their session and feel calm, feel more focused, relaxed, and balanced.

This is just one of the many approaches to acupuncture that  you may experience, if you have a chance to try it during your time in a recovery program.

If you get the chance to try acupuncture for chemical dependency treatment–take it! You will be amazed at the results.

What you will notice following an acupuncture session during drug treatment and rehabilitation programs:

  • Overall feeling of calm focus
  • Feeling present and less anxious
  • Reduction in cravings
  • Feeling greater self-control
  • Being grounded
  • Feeling “present”

It’s Your Turn to be Amazed!

Adding acupuncture into a chemical dependency treatment program has profound results.

You will leave your first acupuncture session feeling like an entirely new person, completely relaxed and ready to keep making progress in your program.

It’s amazing that inserting very thin (about the diameter of a human hair) needles into specific points in your ear lobes, can quickly reduce cravings, and help you feel more centered. Science is working to associate this calm feeling with your body’s own release of “feel good” chemicals, that help you reduce stress.

The Traditional Chinese view is that inserting these tiny needles brings your body’s natural energy flow back into balance, and as it does so, you begin to feel more balanced.

For more information on how Acupuncture Natural Health can establish a drug treatment and chemical dependency acupuncture program for you–contact us, here.

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