Back Pain and Acupuncture

If you have “non-structural” or soft-tissue pain in your back, lower back, neck and shoulders, then you are advised to seek acupuncture as a treatment option that has a high chance of success, with virtually no risks or side-effects if it is not effective.

For the vast majority of patients I have seen since I started my practice in 1999, back pain of all varieties have responded very well to acupuncture treatment, provided the cause is not a structural one. Non-structural back pain is likely the type you have if you have not been involved in an accident or trauma that caused physical damage to the spine or spinal cord.

Examples of structural problems would be things like ruptured discs, crushed vertebrae and pinched nerves due to narrow outlets in the vertebral body.

Soft tissue pain (for which acupuncture is great) include things like strained back muscles, tight muscles that cause pain, pain that occurs after over exertion. Often people have semi-chronic back pain that originates from soft-tissue injury or strain. This is the most common type of back pain and the kind you most likely have if you haven’t had a serious accident or spinal trauma.

For most patients, a course of 4-8 treatments will greatly relieve or eliminate back pain…it just depends upon the severity of the pain, and how long it has been bothersome.

If you have specific questions about your pain, or wish to know how acupuncture might help your back, low back, neck and shoulder pains…give us a call and we’ll help you decide if acupuncture is right for you.

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