Vitex Promotes Fertility

If you have not heard of Vitex before, don’t feel alone. It goes by the common name “Chasteberry” or “Chastetree” and by the Latin name Vitex agnus-castus.

Many patients I see in the clinic have not heard of it either.

Before we get started, let me give you some of Vitex’ benefits:

  • Promotes ovulation
  • Eases PMS
  • Calms Endometriosis
  • Has a positive effect on reproduction
  • Balances hormones

Something to consider when you are trying to get pregnant is a nutritional program high
in nutrient dense foods that promote fertility. For some of you, your diets will provide
most (if not all) of those nutrients.

For others, you will want to insure your body’s nutritional intake by adding a few
select dietary supplements (click here for more fertility supplements).

You may also consider Vitex. This is an herbal extract that we make organically, and
standardize to guarantee potency and purity.

Just a few drops of this Vitex tincture (extract) into a glass of water (or milk) per day, can
help your body regulate hormonal levels, combat endometriosis, soothe PMS and
encourage regular ovulation.

Interestingly, Vitex also seems to have a positive affect on reproductive health for
men as well as for women {1}

If it sounds too good to be true, consider that Vitex has a well-documented and tested history used inĀ  traditional African medicine and studied in modern reproductive medical trials in Germany and other countries.

If you are trying to get pregnant, have irregular periods, irregular ovulation, endometriosis, cramps, clots or PMS, consider a 90 day trial of Vitex to see if it benefits and balances your body.

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